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Universal Life Insurance News

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, a foremost U.S. life insurer with a many years history, has introduced Athena Indexed Universal Life Insurance, a new permanent life insurance policy with enhanced cash-value accumulation potential and downside protection. Athena IUL offers interest crediting linked to the movement of three major market indices with a built-in guaranteed floor to help protect against index declines.
In recent market volatility, historic low interest rates, and concerns about the potential for rising taxes, Athena IUL represents a new permanent life insurance product that addresses multiple needs, including beneficiary protection, cash value accumulation and down market risk management,” said Christopher M. “Kip” Condron, chairman and chief executive officer of AXA Equitable. “For individuals and business owners who are juggling a desire to reduce equity risk with a need to build future income, we believe this new solution offers the right blend of benefits.”
Athena IUL policyholders can allocate net premiums to any combination of four indexed options where cash value can grow (up to a cap) based on the movement of major equity indices. Policyholders have access to indexed options driven by three different equity indices, enabling participation in a broad scope of market opportunities  and foreign stocks. Policyholders can also diversify by time period, choosing between three indexed options structured with a one-year maturity and one with a three-year maturity:

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