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Health Insurance Is A Dangerous Dynamic

With the cost of health care rising faster than the size of the average paycheck, Floridians are facing a very dangerous situation. Families are paying more for coverage that is less comprehensive, and while employers are sharing in the cost of higher premiums, the employee tends to shoulder more of the burden. This leads to many Floridians having to face the prospect of being under-insured or losing insurance altogether. Add to the equation pre-existing conditions and other issues, and the problem seems almost hopeless. However, while Florida’s numbers seem terrible, they are only in the middle range of the nation. Many states are in a much more dire situation. What needs to be done to stop this dangerous trend? What actions need to be taken to prevent the collapse of the healthcare system as we know it? Read more here

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2 Responses to “Health Insurance Is A Dangerous Dynamic”

  1. A Dangerous Dynamic Says:

    [...] Go to the author’s original blog: A Dangerous Dynamic [...]

  2. Health Insurance Guide Says:

    Great post! i especially found it useful where you stated. No one should go without health care of some sort. Prescriptions are extremely costly without insurance, and if you or someone in your family has an emergency health situation, you could be left with a large debt for years.

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