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A Smoking effort rising health care costs.

Sarasota County in Florida implemented a no smoking policy for all of their employees. They require all of their new employees to sign a contract stating that they have not smoked in the past 12 months. The new employees are also required to submit a drug test for nicotine. The existing employees are allowed to keep their jobs but have to attend mandatory regular smoking sensation classes.  The current employees that do not quit smoking will be charged more for their health care coverage. What are your thoughts? Do employers have the right to discriminate against smokers? I think that making all new employees take a drug test to prove that there is no nicotine in their system is a bit too much, but I definitely believe that employers have the right to discriminate against smokers. I also believe that smokers should pay more for their healthcare coverage. It costs everyone more in the end if people continue to pollute their bodies.

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