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BlueCross Buys Florida Health Care Plans

BlueCross BlueShield of Florida announced yesterday that they recently purchased a large (HMO) Health Maintenance Organization by the name of Florida Health Care Plans located in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is one of the largest HMO’s in the area. How will this help health insurance consumers in the area? Will the cost of Florida Health Care Plans members increase or decrease?

This recent purchase has been a rumor for a great deal of time now. The total price the Blues paid for this HMO were an upwards of $85 million. The completion of the sale is expected to happen toward the middle of November. This new purchase will not have any immediate effect on existing contracts and policies. Do you think BlueCross will convert everthing over to their brand? Do you see any implications in this new purchase? Should only help BlueCross gain a larger share of the Florida market. What do you think?

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6 Responses to “BlueCross Buys Florida Health Care Plans”

  1. Jake Kane Says:

    I think BCBSFL does a pretty good job with their health insurance plans. This should only help consumers in the long run. Better financial stability as a Blue company.

  2. Grayson H Says:

    Seems to be a win-win for all. About time Blue Cross started using their huge coffer of cash before they were tagged as an investment company.

  3. Randall Says:

    Blue Cross has a well recognized name so it definitely won’t hurt them. Knowing how difficult Blue Cross is to get approved for a policy if any little thing is wrong with you, will this make it more difficult for consumers who would have used Florida Healthcare Plans to find coverage?

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Considering how difficult BCBS is to work with sometimes, I wonder how many current members will be able to stay on the plan?

  5. Senta Says:

    I imagine this was an attept to gain a bigger market share. I am going to predict that the people on these plans get huge rate increases. As it is now they don’t have enough people with answers to questions, taking on Florida Healthcare Plan is just going to bog down their customer service departments, creating more unhappy policyholders and generating more official complaints. They already have the highest complaint ratio in the state!

  6. blue cross hmo Says:

    blue cross hmo…

    Interestingly, this was on CNN last week….

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