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Buying individual policies in the state of Florida

Jacksonville, Florida – A general rule in Florida permits insurers to refuse applications of individuals based upon their health status. If the candidate suffers from a pre-existing health circumstances, his application will be denied. Here in few approaches, an applicant can also apply or submit his application individually, it means many omissions can occur to this general rule.

If the interested individual applies for health insurance in Florida as a part of a group plan and receives at least three months of coverage, then he becomes suitable for buying a conversion policy. If the applicant was previously under the coverage of an HMO or an individual policy that had been terminated because of insolvent factors, thus dropping all individual coverage in the Florida state, he is then eligible to buy an individual health insurance policy. This also holds true when the candidate had moved away from the policyâ??s service region.

If the applicant is eligible for â??The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 yet fails to qualify for a conversion policy, then there is a full surety that the person has full right to purchase an individual health policy. This instance is rare because HIPAAâ??eligible individuals are people who have not only been covered with a group plan, but also have exhausted all COBRA continuation coverage that was available to them. The cost of a conversion policy cannot exceed 200% of the standard rate for an individual policy.

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