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Could Celebrities Qualify For An Individual Health Insurance Policy?

When you think about teen sensations such as Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears, and Nicole Richie, you think about the fame and fortune that affords them a lifestyle of luxury and comfort. You might also think about their alleged drug and alcohol abuse, and for each of them, one or more trips to rehab. Would these three be able to secure a Florida Health Insurance policy? Chances are, probably not. Trips to facilities such as the Wonderland Ranch may seem very responsible and the right thing to do, unfortunately they also become a mark in your permanent record. Underwriters who look at these records will see two trips in a ten year span, and immediately deny the application. Other factors, such as being too fat or too thin, can also lead to rejection. There is a narrow margin of “acceptable” weight based on height. Those who struggle with their weight on either end of the scale will likely find themselves uninsurable as well. So, if these starlets didn’t have massive amounts of cash to pay for their healthcare, and they were just your average troubled person with substance abuse issues and undesirable weight ratios, where would they go for healthcare?

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