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Cover Florida a Fraud

While fraud might be too strong a word, some certainly feel that the deceptive and tricky wording inherent in Charlie Crist’s new Cover Florida Plans certainly place the average consumer at a distinct disadvantage. For while the plans are targeted at those who are not accustomed to having insurance coverage, you must be without it for 6 months or more to qualify, the plans themselves are difficult to understand and actually offer very limited coverage. One has a choice between a preventative plan and a catastrophic plan, with the preventative plan offering no hospital coverage and very little protection in an emergency. Also tricky is the structure of copays, with nuances that affect how much an insurer pays out of pocket and yearly maximums. for many who would actually benefit from insurance coverage, the benefits will run out long before the year will. Do you think people will use these plans simply to have some type of coverage, or will people realize how inadequate they are and decide to save their money?

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2 Responses to “Cover Florida a Fraud”

  1. Daveaux Says:

    We can only hope the plans offer better benefits than the typical GI plans available now. Let us see what we have to work with and take it from there. There are ALOT of people out there in need of this coverage and I am optomistic it will work.

  2. Bud L Says:

    Both. Although people will want an acceptable bang for their buck and if they don’t see that they are getting it, the plan will fall into disarray with political repercussions.

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