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Cover Florida Has Lukewarm Impact

Despite all the hype that was generated around Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s Cover Florida Plans, citizens have been slow to respond and enrollments are below the levels officials had hoped for. This is no suprise to many experts who felt that the low cost plans aimed at people without insurance coverage were not anything special and did little to attract people who could probably find a comparable plan already on the market, and perhaps better. Less than a thousand of the roughly 4 million uninsured Floridians have signed up for a plan with the overwelming percentage of those signing up for the catostrophic plan and not the preventative plan. In order to bring down medical costs, there is a well documented need to focus on prevention instead of costly treatment for major and chronic illness. If Floridians are still only interested in being covered for emergencies and not willing or able to seek preventative care, how will we ever get medical spending costs down? What needs to be done to encourage people to seek health insurance that focuses on prevention rather than just crisis management?

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