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Florida Health Insurance Plan Not Ready As Promised

It’s bad enough that Charlie Crist’s new Cover Florida health insurance plans look as though they will fall desperately short of meeting the hopes and expectations of Florida consumers, but even for those who sought to sign up for a plan right away, the option wasn’t there. Through some glitch in the system, the plans offered by one of the approved carriers, United Healthcare, had not yet been fully reviewed. And for people trying to sign up, they were told the plans would be available “as soon as possible.” This does not seem to bode well for the success of the plans. Regardless of when the plans do become available, group and individual coverage will not go into effect until March 1. What are your thoughts on the added confusion and frustration this will no doubt cause?  See more news on Cover Florida at the top health insurance forum on the web.

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One Response to “Florida Health Insurance Plan Not Ready As Promised”

  1. David Says:

    Its quite right.. These plans cannot be that affordable esp’ for a short term span..

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