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Cover Florida Off to A Smooth Start?

With the exception of a minor delay with one of its providers, officials overseeing the new Cover Florida plans say they are off to a smooth start. Having garnered roughly 102,000 unique hits on its website, companies are receiving applications for the last resort effort at getting more Floridians insured. Official numbers of applicants won’t be released until the end of January but Governor Charlie Crist is optimistic that the large number of interested people will translate into a substantial number of actual enrollments. Do you think that the number of inquiries truly indicates how many people will enroll, or will people seeking information on the plans realize they aren’t what they are cracked up to be and pass on actually enrolling?

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5 Responses to “Cover Florida Off to A Smooth Start?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    i think a lot of people will pass on actually enrolling in the cover florida plans. i can understand how a lot of people inquire about it, but usually people want free health insurance or in most cases, they want coverage basically given to them

  2. Dan Says:

    I think it was a good attempt by the government to make it look like they are trying to get people insured, but my guess is most people pass on the coverage anyway

  3. Jackie Riddles Says:

    Cover Florida is going to be hard to get out there. The distribution channel for agents is not going to work. Insurance Brokers are being compensated only $20 an application. That won’t ever work :(

  4. Bud L Says:

    Of course not all inquiries are enrollments. Some who have no where else to go will pursue it.

  5. Kirsten Says:

    It was definitely another failed attempt!

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