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Florida Consumer Advocates Warn About Generic Drugs

Health experts in Florida are leery of many health insurers who try to push their members into choosing generic drugs over name brand ones as often as possible by providing lists of generic alternatives. The problem with this is that many of the generic alternatives are not the same type of drug, merely just in the same class. This can be a dangerous practice when it comes to anitdepressents, blood pressure, and other sensitive medications. Physicians say that it can be difficult to find the correct amount and strength to manage these chronic conditions, and that there is often a reason doctors prescribe one drug over another similar one. Physicians do admit that there are many cases in which a generic drug is fine to use, however it is the increasingly aggressive many in which insurers try to push these generics that worries many health advocates. Should health insurance companies be allowed to coerce their members into using less expensive, but potentially less effective, or even dangerous, substitute drugs?

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