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Florida Governor Banks on Stimulus Package

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is making the unprecedented move of basing the upcoming year’s budget on receiving the proposed multibillion dollar stimulus package President Obama is working to pass. Without the financial boon, many social services, schools, and other programs would be facing severe budget cuts. The bill which would approve the stimulus package is set with the deadline of Feb 16, and Crist has postponed the release of his budget until after that time. The stimulus will also help much needed programs such as Medicaid which have seen dramatic growth in recent months due to the rise in unemployment. Florida has one of the highest rates of people enrolled in the publicly funded health care program, and would have major difficulty meeting the needs of all of these citizens without the federal assistance. So, considering that governor Crist is basing everything on the passage of this stimulus package, what will he do if it doesn’t pass?

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One Response to “Florida Governor Banks on Stimulus Package”

  1. J McMullin Says:

    I recently emailed the governor’s office. I asked about the refusal to tax cigarettes additionally. I mentioned that we have one of the worst deficits in the country. The reply was a sterile, political plateau. “The governor does not believe in raises taxes as that comes out of the pocket of Floridians…” I teach. I do a good job, the kids are great, and love where I work. My county will most likely be laying off hundreds of teachers next year because there is no money. Am I missing something? In my humble opinion, the government (local and national) is failing our kids. I am young and creative but will most likely go into pharm sales since the money is fantastic and I have friends in the industry.

    The government (not just “The People’s Governor”) and so called “education experts” all talk about attracting young, fresh minded graduates to public education, yet they continually remind the world how worthless the teachers in the field are…

    There is always someone that has the “solution” (merit pay, performance based blah blah blah). I do not know the solution, but I do know a lot of great first and second year teachers that will probably never teach again.

    Smile and vote carefully the next time Mr. Politician explains how important education is on the old campaign trail. It’s a lie, and we are honestly being asked to settle for overweight, mediocre students that have been failed by a system which has been set up to fail.

    If the stimulus package does not pass, you are correct in wondering sir… What’s the back up plan? I’d be impressed if there was even a draft of one.

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