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Florida Health Care Expert Warns of Smoke and Mirrors

John Sinibaldi, a Florida broker specializing in health care for small businesses, warns that recent statements made by insurance companies in regards to health care reform should not be taken at face value. While the insurance companies have agreed to embrace changes that would potentially eliminate the practice of denying coverage based on prexisting conditions, when reading further into their statements, one finds references to rating which would reflect age and other factors to maintain affordability. So although people who may have once been denied coverage altogether could now receive coverage, it may be at a rate too high for them to afford. Another issue which Sinibaldi addresses is that of a health insurance mandate which would require everyone to carry health insurance. However, people living in minimum wage would still not be able to afford it, and when a person is hurt or sick and seeks treatment in the Emergency Room, would they be refused treatment without insurance? What do you think will really change in the coming months as reform efforts are made?

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