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Florida Health Insurance Expert Backs Obama’s Plan

Morgan Moran, of Florida health Insurance Web, a free service for obtaining health insurance quotes and advice, feels that Barack Obama is the man with the plan. Moran feels that Obama will use the existing health care structure to build a system that allows for affordable and accessible coverage for all Americans. He also feels that under Obama’s plan, people will be able to work with their doctors more easily and not be stopped by as much insurance company bureaucracy. The plan will allow people who are happy with their coverage to remain with that coverage, and those who are uninsured will have access to affordable, quality coverage. Do you agree with Moran about the potential efficacy of Obama’s plan? Read more here

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6 Responses to “Florida Health Insurance Expert Backs Obama’s Plan”

  1. Bud L Says:

    Not entirely

  2. Ryan Says:

    Time will tell…

  3. Senta Says:

    Anything is better than McCains plan……he is completely uneducated on the issue!

  4. Johnson Says:

    Iit seems Obamaâ??s plan will give the government way too much power. His plan seems to mimic socialism; do we really want the US to head in that direction?

  5. Moragn Moran Says:

    I would ask that you do research on Socialism and Democractic Socialism. Big difference there. We should spend money where it is needed, like healthcare. Do you like Medicare for seniors? Do you think they should all be covered by health insurance? Should we just get rid of that system too? Is that socialism or democratic socialism?

  6. Daveaux Says:

    It looks good on paper. If it actually works and gives uninsured and unhealthy people usable coverage that would be huge.

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