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Florida Health Insurance Guide

Florida Health Insurance Guide to saving money on a Florida Health Insurance Plan.

1. Take a high deductible- If you can save $900 a year on Florida health insurance by increasing your deductible by $2,000, you would have to be crazy not to do it. After 12 months on the plan, you have already made back the $2,000.

2. Buy a Critical Illness Insurance Policy – Plans such as these pay out lump sums if you have a serious illness. Now you can move to a much higer deductible. They can also be used in lieu of or to supplement disability insurance and pay for treatment that a Florida health insurance plan might not allow.

3. Use an accident plan to supplement your major medical insurance – Do not buy a low deductible plan because you are worried about the emergency room. Use an inexpensive accident plan that will pay for the emergency room with no deductible at all

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