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Florida’s Kids Suffer Again

The March of Dimes has given Florida as well as Georgia a failing grade on their report of premature infants.  Mississippi remains the worst at a rate of 18% of births being premature, but Florida and Georgia come in at about 13%. These early births are attributed to inadequate prenatal care due to so many women lacking in health insurance. Are there programs available to help pregnant women get the care they need to prevent these problems? If not, should there be?

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4 Responses to “Florida’s Kids Suffer Again”

  1. Senta Says:

    yes, if they cannot afford insurance then they should be applying for medicaid. but the situation is more so that these people are careless and they would rather have a cool cell phone than health insurance. then when they get knocked up, again by being careless, they wonder why the insurance companies won’t take them. its like calling a car insurance company after getting in a car accident. give me a break, when are people going to start being held accountable.

  2. Ryan Says:

    i agree. people need to be accountable. they cant do whatever they want and expect things to just be perfect.

  3. Dan Says:

    It is a tough call because you have some people who truly get pregnant unexpectedly and then you have the people who are negligent and spit out kid after kid. I agree with Senta that most of these people would rather have a cool cell phone or new rims on their car than worry about health insurance.

  4. Sandra Says:

    Many women who are pregnant can go to Medicaid to get their prenatal coverage, along with delivery and visits up to the 8th week after the child is born. Afterwards, Kidcare is there to help pay for the child’s healthcare through the age of 18. This is common knowledge to many people who are low-income. Determining the cause of premature birth is always under invesitigation and many not-for-profit organizations are in the community, at hospitals and health fairs to help prevent this problem. Additional information can be found at :

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