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Floridians High on a Dangerous List

On the list of states with the most uninsured Americans, Florida is trailing only Texas and New Mexico, not a good place to be on such a list. With one in five Floridians walking around without health coverage, it is no wonder that issues regarding health insurance are foremost on many peoples minds this election season. While McCain’s ideas are centered on tax credits to allow people more leverage in gaining coverage, Obama is looking toward a national healthcare system aimed at providing everyone what he feels is a “right.” Read more about each candidate’s ideas here.. Who do you think has the plan most likely to solve Florida’s problems?

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5 Responses to “Floridians High on a Dangerous List”

  1. Floridians High on a Dangerous List Says:

    [...] Go to the author’s original blog: Floridians High on a Dangerous List [...]

  2. Senta Says:

    Well McCains plan doesnt really touch on uninsurable people. A tax credit isnt going to help someone who cannot get coverage because they are sick.

  3. Ron Says:

    Seems like there is 2 reasons why people don’t have insurance, 1 they can’t afford it and 2 they are uninsurable. McCain isn’t helping the uninsurable, where Obama is going to hit the businesses that drive our economy and already are in trouble.

  4. Obama Fan Says:

    I’m not sure if either of them have the right idea. This is evolution…

  5. Bud L Says:

    Seems to me that life and liberty are now waging an undeclared war on each other.

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