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The message raised with discussion of Paul Revere in an attempt to induce lawmakers to repeal federal health reform legislation lately pushed through Congress by Democrats. The admire America campaign stopped up in Denver yesterday with its spokesman, former Republican New York Gov. George Pataki, hopeful Coloradans to sign a petition asking Congress to repeal and replace Obama Care with responsible reforms  to the nationâ??s health insurance programs.

Paul Revere embarked on his historic be carried warning the people that their liberty was in danger,â? Pataki said yesterday outside the Civic Center Station plaza, referring to the horseback ride Revere made 235 years ago alerting patriots to the coming of British soldiers. The people connected jointly. They beaten libertyâ??s enemies. Our firm commitment to liberty has been the base of a nation that has prospered and flourished. collection of the movement expect to collect 1 million signatures inspiring Congress to once again take up the theme, but to put back the health reform legislation with less costly reforms without strict mandates.

But a new study by the Congressional Budget Office states that discretionary expenditure connected to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could cost an additional $115 billion, pushing the cost to well over $1 trillion. Caldara and marijuana advocate Mason are suing the state over the law, arguing that the new law has driven up the cost of collecting signatures so high that it has become almost impossible to run a citizen initiative. Caldara is waiting to see what happens with the lawsuit, stating that if the decision doesnâ??t go his way, his initiative is in â??big problem. Conservatives the past also called for support of a multi-state lawsuit Republican Attorney General John Suther entered Colorado into that aims to exempt states from supplies in the sweeping health care overhaul. The lawsuit alleges that Congress does not have the power to control throughway commerce that forces customers to carry health care.

Thousands more kids can no longer be kicked off their insurance plans simply because they get sick,â? he said. â??Why do these extremists want to take health care away from Colorado kids, seniors and small businesses?
Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, says the health reform legislation is only going to cost Coloradans at a time when families are struggling. Colorado families and small businesses have been pushed to the brink with this economic crisis,� said McNulty.

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