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Health Care Reform Blog

The myth that America has the best healthcare system in the world is being dispelled by the upcoming chief of health and human services, Tom Daschle. Daschle is asking people across the nation to share their health care experiences via an online blog. He hopes that this will allow the needs of the average American to be voiced and heard so that health care reform can address the issues most important to America. Reform is pointless if it does not meet the needs of the country’s people, and Daschle is eager to know what needs are most important. What do you think will be voiced as the most important issue? Will this truly impact the nature of the reforms which are being proposed?

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5 Responses to “Health Care Reform Blog”

  1. Gerard Denys Says:

    The first thing I must say here is that I have always had health insurance. I am in the health care industry. There are so many things that need to be reformed it could take many pages to even touch the tip of the iceberg.
    I will say that one area that must be looked at is government involvement in this industry. What I see in all sectors that the government has decided to “protect” me is a maze of regulation that is self perpetuating. How could anyone in their right mind even think that just maybe they will not mess it up this time. Look at Social Security, look at Medicare. Look at any type of program the government has sponsored. Look at the state of public (government) schools. Government needs to get out of the health care business. I was not aware that constitutionally they even have a legal leg to stand on with this and most other things they do. They are the cause of most of our problems and not a solution. Don’t be afraid I’m with the government and I am here to help. Scares the pants off me.

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