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Health crisis can happen to you

44 years, I paid for health insurance and never once filed a claim. I never had a need to see a doctor. Seven years ago, by accident, it was discovered I had three aneurysms, one ready to burst. Before they could operate, I had to get a release from a heart doctor. The tests showed I had five blocked arteries; the main artery was 95 percent blocked. I never had a single symptom.

I was 63 years old and had been a physical fitness and vitamin enthusiast since I was a teenager. My job allowed me to walk more than five miles a day for 29 years. My weight never fluctuated five pounds in 30 years. I recently called several major group health insurance companies to see if I could get coverage, and I was told that due to current guidelines, they could not insure me.

Thanks to Ohio Heart Careâ??s screening program, I have never taken any prescription medicine for either surgery. I thank God every night for Social Security, which I paid into for 45 years, and Medicare, which I paid into for 40 years.
Recently George W. Bush stated his biggest mistake while president was not privatizing Social Security. He fully intended to put the money in the stock market. If he had been successful, when Wall Street collapsed in 2008, everyone receiving Social Security would have been wiped out financially. The poverty and devastation this would have caused would have been equal to the Depression. This should never be privatized.

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