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Health Insurance Across State Lines

Why is that Floridians can drive across state lines to Georgia and purchase lottery tickets and cheaper gasoline, but they can’t purchase insurance there? It has long been a mandate that insurance cannot be offered outside of one’s state of residence. Many people argue that the benefits of allowing states to sell insurance products across state lines would be a competition among providers, leading to lower prices, and an expansion of the number of benefits available to those seeking coverage. They would have a muche larger pool within which to “shop around” and would be able to better meet their insurance needs. Do you think insurance should be available across the nation without state defined boundaries? Read more here

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3 Responses to “Health Insurance Across State Lines”

  1. Johnson Says:

    Of course, if we can buy everything else across state lines, why not insurance.

  2. Senta Says:

    Again, this is a completely brainless proposal put together by our uneducated policitians. Did anyone ever thing of the fact that the insureds will all flock to the same state with the best coverage and best premiums? What will this do? This will cause those particular insurance carriers to have to raise their rates and strip down their benefits. Then the insureds will go to the next state and the same thing will happen. And it keeps going and going…….

  3. Bud L Says:

    Chaos! State’s Rights issues. Buy a plan in Arkansas that has no network in your state of residence and your money is not well spent, to say the least.

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