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Health Insurance news from Georgia

A number of in Washington and want to overturn Georgia health insurance modification. Our Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine, a runner for governor, even went so far as to refuse the opportunity to set up the high-risk insurance pond called for in the bill. Our constituents earn better than a system that so effortlessly turns their health and financial future into a political football. The hysterically crusade grandstanding for todayâ??s 24-7 news cycle shows why the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act President Barack Obama lately signed into law is so important to the safety of the hard-working people we signify.
The historic legislation, whereas not ideal, is a significant first step toward making health care more reasonable and available for all Americans. For legislators in Georgia and every other state, the passageway of federal health care reform also began a progression that will be decisive to the families exaggerated by our current health care catastrophe.
Thatâ??s because the bill foliage many vital decisions on achievement to the individual states. While that may score political points, it is not superior for our state. Instead, we should be functioning collectively to help the families across Georgia who face liquidation due to need of coverage or whose claims have been deprived of due to pre-existing conditions, or who simply canâ??t pay for to pay the skyrocketing premiums insurance companies arraign.
As chosen legislatures and state lawmakers, we have been entrusted with the accountability to guarantee that these new federal reforms work for our families. Regrettably, Commissioner Oxendine and some other Georgia politicians have occupied in partisan attempts to decline to apply the law and depart it to the federal government, or to revoke the law.
The new federal law ends a quantity of the worst abuses of the insurance industry, counting the practice of denying exposure to those with pre-existing conditions, dipping coverage for individuals after they get sick, charging women more than men and arresting annual or lifetime confines.

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