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Health Insurance news from Texas

As part of the fresh health care law, Texas will get $1 million to assess Texas health insurance premiums, U.S. Health and Human Services escritoire Kathleen Sibelius announced today. States will get $250 million over five years to evaluation unreasonable rate increases and grip insurance companies more responsible for rate increases, according to a news release. The first round of grants totals $46 million.

Texas does not now examination the rates. An article in the New York Times Saturday describes how states like Texas donâ??t have the power to impose the new consumer protection standards.
But John Greeley, a spokesman for the Texas Insurance Department, said this afternoon that the state has the authority to review rates if they increase 50 percent or more in a single year and if a customer complains. The authority to review unreasonable rates also is a part of the stateâ??s insurance law, he said, but it has never been applied to health insurance. Greeley added that he doesnâ??t know if legislation would be needed to go after the latest federal law.

The endowment announced today will enable Texas to:
�    Gather data so it can do an in detail assess of health insurance premiums.
�    expand a public revelation process to include information from insurers justifying their premium increases.
�    Develop technology for the data study and rate analysis

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