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Health Insurance Resource Update

The Alliance for Health Reform is updating “Covering Health,” its guide to health reform. Health reform is now the law of the land. On March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and one week later he followed with modifications in a budget reconciliation bill.

The legislation, which will result in an estimated 32 million uninsured Americans getting health coverage by 2019, will begin to redesign a fragmented, uncoordinated and highly expensive health insurance quotes system. The new law was the fulfillment of a goal sought by reformers, with varying degrees of intensity, since Theodore Roosevelt introduced the idea of coverage for all in the 1912 Progressive Platform. Reform advocates argued that the cost of inaction outweighed the cost of action, and that state and federal governments, large and small businesses, and ordinary American families needed relief from the unrelenting and unsustainable upward march of health care costs. And they convinced a majority of lawmakers, albeit a narrow Democrats-only majority, that covering the uninsured in a revamped and modernized high quality health care system is the morally and fiscally responsible American way.

As President Obama noted, it was a â??remarkable and improbableâ? achievement. Yet in our current polarized environment, it remains fraught with political and policy uncertainties that could shadow implementation in the years to come.Our system, rooted in a mid-20th century acute care model, does not adequately meet the health care or economic needs of the 21st century, where the overarching medical challenge, and expense, is due to chronic disease in an aging population.

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