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Hope for the Children

A bill was sucessfully passed yesterday which will grant an additional 4 million children access to healthcare. For those children whose families earn to much money to qualify for Medicaid, yet are too poor to afford health insurance through other means, the government will now provide coverage for them. This appears to be a step in the direction that Obama promised during his campaign last year. This means that now 7 million children will have access to healthcare, certain to help bring down the numbers of uninsureds across the country. Florida officials are excited at the nearly $90 million extra they will be granted to provide for over 80,000 additional children in the state. However, the state will be required to come up with about 1/3 of the funds to match the federal grant, and with a struggling budget, this will be no easy task. How do you think Florida will come up with the money in their budget? Will the additional coverage for Florida’s children be worth other sacrifices?

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3 Responses to “Hope for the Children”

  1. Bud L Says:

    I don’t know how they will do it but there will be a lot of pressure to do so. There is a lot of “pork” everywhere but 80,000 kids are not pork.

  2. Kirsten Says:

    Those same people that make too much money to afford Medicaid also have iphones. Ridic!

  3. Ryan Says:

    Who knows where the money will come from? Our government at the national and state level have seemed to find money somewhere for bailouts here and there lately. Hopefully they can see the importance.

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