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Texas-Free Market Health Care

Every organization is trying to teamed up equally to introdce free market health care legislation which is basically designed to remove regulatory barriers. The main aim of teaming up together is to improve medical outcomes for Texans.

Lt. Governor Dewhurst said â??We donâ??t have health care in America â?? we have sick care,â? .This can only be done by saving money and this helps to improve medical outcomes by incentivizing doctors and hospitals to use best practices and focus on wellness and prevention, rather than the number of procedures they perform.â?

Contrary to Obamacare â?? which grows government, raises taxes, increases regulations and mandates individuals to purchase health insurance â?? Senate Bills 7 and 8 will remove regulatory barriers and give doctors and hospitals the flexibility to work together to improve health care delivery and ultimately reduce the rising costs associated with programs like Medicaid.

Over the last decade, Medicaid spending has more than doubled, and funding for Health and Human Services now represents almost one-third of the state budget, which is crowding out other important priorities like education, public safety and transportation.

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