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Minnesota House committee says federal health insurance mandate is unlawful

A Minnesota House committee on Wednesday approved a proposal that calls a federal requirement that everyone carry health insurance by 2014 unconstitutional.

In a party-line vote after a debate with rhetoric echoing the national talking points on health care reform, the Health and Human Services Reform Committee passed the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, which seeks to prohibit Minnesota from enforcing, or allowing the federal government to enforce, the controversial individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act backed by President Barack Obama.

Rep. Steve Gottwalt, a St. Cloud Republican, proposed the measure, calling it “Minnesota’s Declaration of Independence from unconstitutional provisions of … Obamacare.” Democrats, in the minority of the committee and the Legislature, opposed the bill.

Dozens of people who attended the committee with stickers reading “Vote NO to Obama Exchange” applauded the vote. They had attended the meeting to speak out against a different plan by Gottwalt to create private health insurance exchanges outlined in the federal law. But that bill didn’t come up before the meeting was adjourned. Gottwalt, who chairs the committee, said that discussion will be rescheduled.

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