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Small employers looking for affordable Texas health insurance may be in luck. The Texas legislature recently come up with a statewide program designed to provide Texas affordable health insurance programs for small business owners and their employees.
In fact, only 32 % of our stateâ??s small businesses offer Texas health insurance to employees, as opposed to 89 % of our large employers. The program, called â??Healthy Texasâ? helps fight this issue by providing â??eligible small employers with the option of purchasing reasonably priced benefit plan that is compliant with the benefit necessities of federal health insurance reform.â?
According to the Insurance Journal, â??eligible employers that purchase coverage for employees and their dependents through an approved participating private health plan can save, on average, up to one-third on premiums.â? Thatâ??s an advantage for small businesses currently let down by economy and unsteady federal health care legislation.
Healthy Texas does not provide a premium subsidy to small employers. Instead, it makes use of both public and private funds to address claims costs and to pay participating health insurers for costs that fall within a defined range.
To enroll, employers can apply directly through participating health plans, Celtic Insurance Company and United Healthcare, or apply through a Texas health insurance agent. Healthy Texas considers the following necessities when determining program eligibility:
â?¢ The employer must qualify as a small business with 2-50 employees
â?¢ An employer must not have provided group insurance 12 months prior to Healthy Texas application
â?¢ At least 30 % of employees must receive annual wages at or below 300 % of the federal poverty level
â?¢ The employer must pay at least 50 % of the premium costs for employees
â?¢ At least 60 % of eligible employees must elect to participate in the program

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