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New Health Insurance Plans Show No Incentive

Florida Governor Charlie Crist intended for his “Cover Florida” plans to spell an end to the problem of millions of uninsured Floridians. Kirsten Portrie, a Jacksonville health insurance broker state, “These plans have to many holes, it was good to offer something to the uninsured, but this just doesn’t cut it”. Unfortunately, dissapointment may well be in store. The plans themselves are not much different from existing plans offered by state programs, and for the relatively healthy and insurable, there are equal or better plans available on the open market. Considering that these individuals have been able to procure similar or better coverage all along, what is the incentive for them to sign up for one of Crist’s new plans?

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One Response to “New Health Insurance Plans Show No Incentive”

  1. Lyle Conners Says:

    Yeah, the cover Florida plan seems pretty much a cover up. I don’t think Gov. Crist has to many people on his advisory board that have experience in the health care industry. He should really look into finding someone that can give him better advice.

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