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November is the Month to Recognize Diabetes in Florida

The Florida Department of Health uses November as a time to bring awareness and recognition to one of the most major health crisis in America today. For all those people affected by Diabetes, whether it is a personal affliction, or one belonging to a friend or family member, November is the month to increase education and make people knowlegable of ways to improve quality of life for those suffering from the disease. Diabetes can lead to all manner of other serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, or the loss of a limb and is complicated by smoking and obesity. Thousands of obese Americans are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and may not be aware of this possibility. Type 2 Diabetes can often be prevented through weight management and proper nutrition. Considering that this is one condition which causes insurance premiums to rise, what more can be done to decrease the number of people developing Diabetes? Is simple awareness enough?

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