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Ohio won’t join suit against health care reform

Capital Bureau Chief – Columbus — Attorney General Richard Cordray will not join other states filing lawsuits next to the federal government in endeavor to discontinue obligatory insurance coverage needed under the lately passed health care reform package.
Either the Commerce section challenge to the law or the 10th Amendment challenge to the law has legal merit.

On 29th March, he told reporters that it would require tearing up decades of opposing model, which would need protester judges on a significant scale, which is something that the proponents of these lawsuits normally deplore. And do not think it would be an advisable expenditure of taxpayer resources on behalf of the state of Ohio.”
Cordray’s announcement came in reply to letters sent by Republican members of Ohio’s congressional delegation and 21 Republican state Senators, all urging him to join other states in suing the federal government over the health care reform law.

The state Senators wrote last week that by forcing the mandate on our state without providing resources to the state to pay for it, the federal government is placing Ohio health insurance budget in peril for years to come,. Forcing Ohioans to purchase health care coverage or face monetary penalties flies in the face of the freedom upon which this country and our state were founded.

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