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Private Health Insurance pays for prayer treatments

Robert Clark out of Miami Florida has been all over the state meeting with lawmakers and other government officials promoting a growing campaign funded by the Christian Science Church. He is seeking health insurancecoverage for prayer treatments. The prod at the federal level is to encourage putting prayer on the roster of treatments that private health insurance carriers will pay for, excusing them only if the find they are not cost effective. The churches lobbying has stimulated hostility from those concerned that it raises prayer to the level of evidence based methods and procedures. According to the Church of Science, the prayer treatments will help the patient spiritualize their perception of themselves and the entire situation. This in returns relieves fear and anxiety and allows the body to heal itself. The church is requesting that lawmakers write a non-discrimination clause into the health care reform that would make it mandatory that private health insurance companies fund prayer treatments. What is your opinion? Should health insurance companies pay to have this alternative treatment?  

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