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Proper Health Care Is Necessary

Physicians and Florida gun ownership advocates are battling over a state bill that would fine
and imprison physicians who ask if their patients have guns.State Rep. Jason Brodeur, a Republican, introduced the bill, which could send doctors to jail for up to five years and fine them up to $5 million for asking about patients’ gun ownership, refusing to treat patients who won’t answer such questions or entering gun ownership information into any record. The bill has the support of the National Rifle Assn. State Sen. Greg Evers, also a Republican, introduced an identical bill in the state Senate.

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The measure is partly a reaction to American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines encouraging physicians to talk to parents about protecting children from preventable accidents. This includes the use of
booster seats in cars, swimming pool safety and proper gun storage.”We’re not against guns, per se. What we’re concerned about is proper storage and handling of firearms,” said Louis St. Petery, MD, executive vice president of the Florida chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

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