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Rationing Healthcare

When resources are limited, people are familiar with the concept of rationing those resources. These days, health insurance is one of the resources being rationed. Citizens are rationing care by spending money on only the most basic of coverages, skipping preventative care and treatments that are not absolutely necessary to live. This of course can lead to bigger problems down the road, so by carrying a limited amount of coverage, people are gambling on not running into any major medical problems. Insurance companies ration by denying care. They may refuse to offer coverage to people they consider a risk, or they may find ways to deny a claim on someone who does have coverage. Some people feel that this of course is a very poor system, leading to many people being in a very bad situation. Some feel that the government should provide everyone with basic care, and then individuals can choose to cover themselves for anything major beyond that. What do you think? How can this country balance the cost of care against the need?

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