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Reform Was Already in the Works Across Nation’s States in 08

Even though many are looking at 2009 as the year for health care reform, many states across the nation were already making the expansion of health care a priority in 2008. According to a study conducted by the State Coverage Initiatives program, 10 states last year introduced laws to increase children’s health coverage, many tried to adopt a form of universal healthcare, and many others made smaller steps toward improving the affordability and accessibility of health care. While Massachussetts remains the only state to succeed in achieving nearly universal health care coverage, many states did try. Florida on the other hand took the tactic of making private insurance more affordable by initiating the Cover Florida plan, in which the state worked with several private insurance companies to offer cost friendly plans. Experts predict that tight state budgets and the federal government’s focus on healthcare will diminish the individual states’ efforts this year. Do you agree with that prediction?

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