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Republican Opposition Defeated in Battle for Children’s Health Insurance

The Senate has passed the SCHIP bill, despite a considerable amount of opposition from Republican senators. The State Children’s Health Insurance Progrmam bill will help realize health insurance for 11 million children across the nation who are currently uninsured. The passage of this bill is seen as the first step made by Obama to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign to decrease the staggering numbers of uninsured Americans. Florida health insurance expert Morgan Moran was quick to point out that the passage of this bill will not solve the problem, as roughly 5 million young people will remain uninsured despite the millions that this program will cover. What will be the next steps Obama makes to fulfill the need for every American to be insured?

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One Response to “Republican Opposition Defeated in Battle for Children’s Health Insurance”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Not sure what to think about this. The income levels are up to like 84000 per year, these people should be able to afford insurance.

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