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Roadblocks to Health Insurance Reform

Now that Barack Obama is preparing to take control of our country and consequently the future of our health care system, what are the main challenges he faces in achieving a better system for American health care? Experts feel that the three biggest aspects in need of addressing are the private insurance industry, and the government subsidized programs of Medicare and Medicaid. The biggest issue all of these organizations share is inefficiency and wasteful spending. Americans spend far more for our health insurance than any other similar civilization, and yet our quality of care is pathetically substandard. So much waste is attributed to beauacracy, administration, and making insurance companies and their stockholders wealthy by denying care for the people who pay their premiums. Both of the government programs are headed toward bankruptcy and must see major changes if they are to survive. Will Obama be able to sucessfully tackle all, or any, of these areas of concern when he takes office this month?

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