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Seminole County School Board Employees Shocked By Insurance Costs

After shopping around for a better deal in 2007, switching from Cigna to United Healthcare, Seminole County Florida School Board employees are shocked this year by the increase in premiums. This has been made even more difficult by budget cuts and the school board now finds itself without the funds to pay for the policy as it stands. School Board Officials are struggling with the next step, be it to increase worker’s contributions to the plan, or cutting back on benefits. There is no option to keep the plan as it is, there is simply not money for it. Insurance is so expensive already that only a tiny fraction of school board employees have their families included on the policy. Even though the board pays for an employee’s coverage, the family coverage has been too expensive for the board to pick up the tab. Considering the cost of family coverage can be as much as a third of a teacher’s take home pay, it’s no wonder so few of them take advantage of it. When rates climb even higher, will employees get any benefit toward their health insurance, or will this be another segment of the population falling prey to rising costs and loss of employer provided health insurance?

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