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Senator Sets Agressive Schedule for Health Care Reform

Sen. Max Baucus, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has set forth an agressive schedule for pushing through with health care reform. He is aiming to have a bill ready for review by early this summer. He and fellow Senator Tom Kennedy, who is suffering from brain cancer, are expected to be the front runners in writing and passing health care related legislation in the coming year. Baucus has been talking with Kennedy about possible moves and is expected to meet with him in the next week. Baucus has been quoted as saying that all possibilities need to be considered, and while Kennedy is a long standing proponent of universal health care, Baucus feels that this may not be right for our country, which is based on entrepreneurism. He feels that the answer will most likely come not from a single payer government run system, but rather from a blending of the public and private insurance sectors. What do you think is the right answer?

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