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South Florida Council Members, Do they deserve health insurance for life?

In Venice, FL, elected city council members who serve a minimum of 6 years earn health insurance for life for themselves and their families which is paid for by the city. Many feel that this is a fairly hefty benefit for a part time job which only pays around $10,000 annually. It also doesn’t add up when you factor in the issue of full time city workers who have to pay a portion of their healthcare costs as well as having to work a minimum of 30 years to receive retirement benefits. Some feel that the insurance benefits that council members receive makes up for the slighter salaries and long hours of work put in, while others feel that these benefits should not be used to reward their work and that their benefits should not exceed those of city workers. What do you think? Is it fair to use health insurance benefits in place of higher salaries in some cases? Read more about the issue here

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4 Responses to “South Florida Council Members, Do they deserve health insurance for life?”

  1. Bud L Says:

    These are public servants? Or are they something else? They should serve and then disappear from the expense account of the public entity.

  2. Senta Says:

    No way, this isn’t fair at all. Most large companies require you to work full time for 15-20 years in order to get full benefits for life. This seems like someone on the inside made this law and is also benefiting from it.

  3. Ron Says:

    At first I thought it was unfair, but then I reread the article and these people need to be there for atleast 6 years and they make $10,000 annual. Well if you add in a few thousand dollars for insurance benefits to increase their salary, I changed my opinion. I think it is a great incentive to do a good job and have longevity as a council member.

  4. Obama Fan Says:

    Yeah, benefits for life do not make sense to me. These Golden Chutes are what kill us in the global economy. Let them live on social security like 95% of the population.

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