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Student Health Insurance Lesson

As if your college bills, student loans, and other small supplies weren’t enough to pay for…. Now you have to worry about your childrens student health insurance policy. What if they were to get sick while in school? Do they have a proper health insurance plan in place to cover unexpected medical claims?

Most likely, your child will have some medical coverage if he or she needs medical attention at school. Most major universities require that you either show proof that you have health insurance or take out a policy through the school, at a cost of about $500 per semester. Is it better to take out a plan through the college? Or should I keep my kid on our group health insurance plan through work?

Be sure to see how comprehensive your student health insurance is. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge medical bill, along with a large student loan.

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One Response to “Student Health Insurance Lesson”

  1. Kirsten Moran Says:

    I didn’t realize student health insurance was so important. I know my college made me have insurance in place. It was only $1,000 per year. I thought that was a good deal on health insurance.

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