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Tampa Florida Lawmaker Fights for Mental Health Insurance Equality

It has been a long standing practice that insurance coverage for mental illness does not equal coverage for physical health issues. Tampa Lawmaker Ed Homan hopes to make this a practice of the past. Despite the bleak outlook of the economy and health insurance reform focused on other areas, Homan hopes to be heard in his fight for equality in mental health coverage. This is Homan’s third year attempting to change the system, and it was inspired by the physician’s grown son who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Homan has been blocked previously by chamber speaker Rubio, but as the speaker resigned as of last month, Homan may have a better chance of having his bill heard. Homan argues that improving coverage for mental health disorders will increase worker productivity and leave fewer people wards of the state or dependent on others. With better access to care, there may be many more people who can lead productive lives. Do you agree with Homan? What do the individuals that have Tampa health insurance think? We want you hear what you have to say.

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