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The Health Care Battle Rages on in Florida

Alaska Governor and Vice Presendent hopeful, Sarah Palin, fought back last night against Obama’s speeches and campaign ads on television in Florida recently. Obama is using what she calls “old-style” politics, despite his promises to the contrary. She called his attacks misleading and assured voters that McCain’s plan to reform the healthcare system was not a tax, but a credit, and would not result in higher health care costs.  She asserted that Obama intended only to stir up fear and panic among voters, particularly the elderly who’s Medicare and Social Security would be affected by McCain’s proposed changes. Palin however, tried to clarify the issue that current seniors would not be affected, that it would only be those below a certain age who would see changes. Do you agree with Palin, that Obama is only trying to spread panic and is misleading in his criticisms?

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One Response to “The Health Care Battle Rages on in Florida”

  1. Krista Says:

    Of course Obama is twisting McCain’s words to spread panic & mislead the voters. Unfortunately that’s what the campaign has come down to. Both Barack Obama and John McCain have used anything and everything against each other, twisting and manipulating every possible idea they could get their hands on, intending only to make the other candidate look bad.

    But does that mean McCain’s plan for health insurance is actually great? Not really… Both candidates have extremely different ideas regarding health care and health insurance. Our health care system is in such drastic need of reform that ANY change should help. It’s hard to tell which will be better for our country in the long run. McCain’s plan seems to be more realistic & achievable. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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