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What One Health Insurance Company is Doing to Help

In these days of health insurance reform, the finger of blame for the problems of our health care system is often being pointed at the health insurance carriers. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida would like to turn away this blame by showing the ways in which the company is helping the citizens of Florida during these difficult times. Penny Shaffer, Market President of the South Florida branch of Blue Cross Blue Shield says they are working to offer products which assist people in getting and keeping health insurance during the recession. She mentions plans such as Go Blue and Cover Florida as viable alternatives to the high priced Cobra plans. Also coming soon is the Miami-Dade Blue, which is the first public-private partnership offered to small groups and individuals beginning in July. These plans range from very basic to comprehensive, and premiums vary accordingly. Do you think Blue Cross Blue Shield is actively helping with the epidemic problem of uninsured citizens, or are these plans not all Mrs. Shaffer makes them out to be?

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