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Will “Cover Florida” Health Plan Come Up Short?

Jacksonville Health Insurance News

Will Gov. Charlie CCrists new “Cover Florida” health plan work? Many Florida residents think this is just another political cover up? Does he really think these plans will work? He might want to consider hiring a few people that work in the current industry, rather than his current buddies….

Cover Florida, the health-insurance policy touted by Gov. Charlie Crist and passed by the Legislature in May as a way to reduce the state’s 3.7 million uninsured, is unlikely to work, according to a report this month by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonprofit policy-research group in Washington, D.C.

This could be seen Joke. Maybe just another political chess move…. Is he looking to become the next Vice President? His health plan would fit right in with John McCains tax breaks for healthcare. Neither will ever be an effective system.

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2 Responses to “Will “Cover Florida” Health Plan Come Up Short?”

  1. Jackie Joyner Says:

    There is no way that Cover Florida program is going to work. Charlie Crist, surely you can do better than this. When are we going to get a Gov. that can make change. I’m for Floridians rights.

  2. Anne Says:

    That’s a great way to put it, Political Coverup. This is exactly what Cover Florida is. The problem is that the general population doesnt understand the healthcare industry. So when Governor Crist put out his Cover Florida plan of course it was going to sound good to those who dont understand the industry.

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