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With or Without Health Insurance, Personalized Health Care Survives Recession

In spite of the deepening recession, a relatively new sector of health care continues to thrive. What was begun in Seattle in the mid nineties has spread to create its most popular area in South Florida. The practice of personalized health care, which amounts to a concierge service for health, continues to be profitable in spite of all that is going on with the economy at present. With this service, physicians charge hefty membership fees for the privalege of around the clock access to health care. Many members site giving up other luxeries such as gym memberships and eating out in order to afford to maintain the service. Providers of the high quality care say that health is more important than any other aspect of life, and insuring your health by preventing chronic conditions and staying away from costly hospital stays can insure a secure future. What are your thoughts on this approach to wellness?

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